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Formatting Charts


Introduction to Chart Formatting


A Chart as Part of a Form


A chart created using the New Form dialog box is positioned on a form. As such, the form acts as its parent. The chart can only fit inside of the form. Based on this, you can enlarge a form to make available more space for the chart. After enlarging and/or heightening a form, you can increase the side of the chart to have a bigger picture and better appreciate a chart.

Practical Learning: Resizing a Chart

  1. Open the Clarksville Ice Cream you were working on the previous lesson
  2. In the Database window, click Forms and double-click the chtFlavorFrequency form to open it
  3. After viewing the chart, switch the form to Design View
  4. Right-click the chart, position the mouse on Chart Object and click Edit. This opens the Microsoft Graph window
  5. Using the lower-right corner of the the Microsoft Graph window, resize it as much as you can afford
  6. Using the lower-right corner of the form, increase the size of the chtFlavorFrequency window as much as possible
  7. After enlarging the chtFlavorFrequency window, click somewhere close to the circle until a surrounding square appears
  8. Click that square and drag left to move the chart to the left
  9. In the same way, click the box that displays the title above the chart and drag it left to place it above the chart
  10. Also, click the box that displays East West North and drag it left to place it close to the chart
  11. After resizing, close the Microsoft Graph window
  12. Back in Microsoft Access, resize the box that surrounds the chart until the chart and the words around it are visible. You may need to continue various trial-and-error attempts until you come to the following
  13. Save and close the form



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