Domain-Based Functions



A domain-based function is used to get a value from another object and deliver it to the object in which it is being used or called. The general syntax of these functions is:

FunctionName(WhatValue, FromWhatObject, WhatCriteria)

To perform its operation, a domain-based function needs three pieces of information, two of which are required (the first two arguments) and one is optional (the third argument).

when calling one of these functions, you must specify the value of the column you want to retrieve. This is provided as the WhatValue in our syntax. This argument is passed as a string.

The FromWhatObject is the name of the object that holds the value. It is usually the name of a form. This argument also is passed as a string.

The third argument, WhatCriteria in our syntax, specifies the criterion that will be used to filter the WhatValue value. It follows the normal rules of setting a criterion.

The Domain-Based Functions

Domain First: If you want to find out what was the first value entered in the cells of a certain column of an external form or report, you can call the DFirst() function.

Domain Last: The DLast() function does the opposite of the DFirst() function: It retrieves the last value entered in a column of a form or report.

Domain Sum: To get the addition of values that are stored in a column of another form or report, you can use the DSum() function.

Domain Count: The DCount() function is used to count the number of values entered in the cells of a column of a table.

Domain Average: The DAvg() function calculates the sum of values of a series and divides it by the count of cells on the same external form or report to get an average.

Domain Minimum: The DMin() function is used to retrieve the minimum value of the cells in a column of an external form or report

Domain Maximum: As opposed to the DMin() function, the DMax() function gets the highest value of a series of cells in the column of an external form or report.


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