Database Assignments:
English Premier League

Database Objects


Create a table, a form, and a report, that represent players. Information for each player includes FullName, DateOfBirth, Height, Weight, Citizenship, ShirtName, ShirtNumber, Foot (whether the player is left foot or right foot), PrimaryPosition, SecondaryPosition, IsInternational (this is a Boolean field that specifies whether the player has played an international game between his country and another country), Picture, RecentClub, and Bio


Create a table, a form, and a report, that represent teams. Information for each team includes OfficialName (example Arsenal), AliasName (example The Gunners), Address (the team's headquarters), TelephoneNumber, FaxNumber, WebSite, EmailAddress, President, Manager, HomeWear (a picture of the uniform that the team wears when playing at home), AwayWear (a picture of the uniform the team wears when playing away from home), StadiumAddress, StadiumPicture, Comments.

Team/Players Junction:

Create a junction table in which you can enter a team and then its corresponding players.
Team and Players: Create a form and a report that each displays limited information about a team (such as Name, Web Site, and Manager) and a list of its players.



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