Database Assignments: Motor Vehicle Administration

Database Objects


Create a table, a form and a report of employees, of a motor vehicle administration department used to process drivers license requests.


Create a table, a form, and a report called Drivers. The table would contain any type of information that would be needed for a person who is applying for a driver's license or who holds a driver's license. The table should include a first, middle, last name, address, city, state, ZIP code (or postal code if not in the US), Driver's License Number (some states, like DC and VA use the Soc Sec # as the number, some others, like MD, create their own number whose algorithm I am not completely familiar with but this is not important for this assignment; just use a number), height, weight, organ donor (a Boolean field that specifies this), class, etc.
This object must have a section that specifies the driving status of the holder. Options include Learner's Permit, Holds a Valid Driver's License, Driver's License Suspended. The date that the status was specified: the date the Learner's Permit was granted, the date the Driver's License was issued, the date the Driver's License was suspended and why the driver's license was suspended if it is currently suspended.

Car Registration:

Create a table, a form, and a report that will be used to register a car. On this object, the clerk from the above table selects a driver based on the number discussed above. The list to select from should display only the people who have a valid driver's license. The pieces of information available on this object should be: the information about the driver from the above Drivers table, if available the information about a co-owner also a person from the above Driver's table, the make, model, year, VIN (vehicle identification number) of the car, the date this registration is issued, the date this registration expires, the insurance policy number (some states require insurance, some don't; for this assignment, you should require insurance), the company that issued the insurance, the telephone number of the insurance agent)



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