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This is the download area and support section of our Microsoft Access Tutorials site

Sample Databases
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Georgetown Cleaning Services

This small db can show how to manage a dry cleaning store.
Figure. Download.

College Park Auto Shop

This is an example used to process orders in a car repair shop Figure Download

Watts A Loan

A small simulation of a money lending business. Download

Yugo National Bank

A small draft of a bank business. Download

Church Management

The FSSCC database allows you to manage a church.

Grier Summer Camp

Summer database used to manage regular activities of a youth summer camp. Download.

The Associates

This shows an example application used in some communities to save money by contributing to one another in frequent turns. Figures  Download

Video Collection


Rockville Techno

This database was created from the Times And Billing sample database. I added some buttons to make it a little more user friendly. Download.

US Senate

A database of the US Senate Download

Bethesda Car Rental

Application to process order entries for a car rental company Figure  Download

Domba Ice Cream

This is a small database we use in our introduction to forms. It contains tables but no other objects. Therefore, don't download it expecting to find a fully functional database. It is only an accessory for our lessons. Download

Motor Vehicle Administration

Draft database for an MVA simulation Figure Download

Convenience Store

This is a small database inspired from a scene of "Housesitter". Picture  Download

Color Changer

This form uses a demonstration of the frame and scrollbars which are ActiveX controls that ship with MS Access Picture Download



Microsoft Access 97 used to ship with 22 sample databases. This number was reduced in Microsoft Access 2000. Even if you create a database in the 2000 version using the Database Wizard, unlike the 97 release, you cannot include sample values to see what the database looks like.

Here are the sample databases that shipped with Microsoft Access 97 including sample values for each of them:

Address Book Asset Tracking Book Collection
Contact Management Donations Event Management
Expenses Household Inventory Inventory Control
Ledger Membership Music Collection
Order Entry Picture Library Recipes
Resource Scheduling Service Call Management Students and Classes
Time and Billing Video Collection Wine List


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