Formulas of Derivatives



Here are the formulas you should remember about derivation.

Consider two constants c and d and consider two function cf(x) and dg(x). The derivative of 

(cf(x) + dg(x))' = cf'(x) + dg'(x)

Consider u a function. Consider that du/dx is its derivative. Consider u elevated to the power of n as in

f(x) = un 

Consider u a function. Consider that du/dx is the derivative of that function. Consider f(u)

Consider the sum of two functions u + v

(u + v)' = u' + v'

Consider the sum of three functions u + v + w

(u + v + w)' = u' + v' + w'

Consider the product of two functions uv

(uv)' = u'v + uv'

Consider the product of three functions uvw

(uvw)' = u'vw + uv'w + uvw'

Consider c a constant real number and a function defined as

Consider the inverse of a function 1/u


Can also be written as:


Consider a constant number c and a function u defined as follows:


Consider the division of two functions as u/v

Chain Rule

Chain Rule 

Can also be written as

h'(x) = f'(g(x)) . g'(x) 

Power Rule

Power Rule 

Power Rule

Power Rule 


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