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Initializing the Members of a Class Using a Constructor

This example uses a class that contains a constructor used to initialize the object. The class is called ShoeBox. When supplied with a length, a height, and a width, the object should calculate and display the total area of all sides and the volume.

Header File: shoebox.h
#ifndef SHOEBOX_H#define SHOEBOX_Hclass ShoeBox{public:	ShoeBox(double l, double h, double w);	double getLength() const;	double getHeight() const;	double getWidth() const;	void Properties();	double Area() const;	double Volume() const;private:	double Length;	double Height;	double Width;};#endif
Source File: shoebox.h
#include <iostream.h>#include "box.h"ShoeBox::ShoeBox(double l, double h, double w){	Length = l;	Height = h;	Width  = w;}double ShoeBox::getLength() const{	return Length;}double ShoeBox::getHeight() const{	return Height;}double ShoeBox::getWidth() const{	return Width;}double ShoeBox::Area() const{	return 2 * ((Length * Height) + (Height + Width) + (Length * Width));}double ShoeBox::Volume() const{	return Length * Height * Width;}void ShoeBox::Properties(){	cout << "Properties of the shoe box";	cout << "\nLength = " << getLength();	cout << "\nHeight = " << getHeight();	cout << "\nWidth  = " << getWidth();	cout << "\nArea   = " << Area();	cout << "\nVolume = " << Volume() << "\n\n";}
Header File: cube.h
#include "box.h"void main(){	ShoeBox Size6(8.65, 4.25, 4.15);	Size6.Properties();}

Here is a result of running the program
Properties of the shoe boxLength = 8.65Height = 4.25Width  = 4.15Area   = 162.12Volume = 152.564

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