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C++/CLI is a computer language based on C++ with support for the .NET Framework. C++/CLI, developed by Microsoft and submitted to international standardization, is primarily a computer language, not a programming environment.

This ebook features lessons on how to program in the C++/CLI computer language, without assuming any prior knowledge of programming. The lessons start from scratch.

This ebook is not about Microsoft Visual C++/CLI nor Visual C++ 2005 Windows programming for graphical applications. At the time of this publication, because Microsoft C++ was the only compiler that supported C++/CLI, the instructions in the lessons are given for Visual C++ 2005 to create the exercises but no attempt is made at showing the reader how to create Windows (GUI) applications. The intent of this ebook is to teach C++/CLI as a programming language.

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Lesson 1:   C++/CLI Fundamentals Lesson 14: The Properties of a Class
Lesson 2:   Namespaces and Code Directives Lesson 15: Function Pointers and Delegates
Lesson 3:   Values and their Types Lesson 16: Introduction to Conditions
Lesson 4:   Techniques of Using Variables Lesson 17: Conditional Operators
Lesson 5:   Introduction to Classes Lesson 18: Conditional Expressions
Lesson 6:   Classes and Memory Management Lesson 19: Counting and Looping
Lesson 7:   Combinations and Inheritance Lesson 20: Strings
Lesson 8:   Data Input/Output Lesson 21: Techniques of Using Inheritance
Lesson 9:   Introduction to Functions Lesson 22: Variables Scope and Casting
Lesson 10: Details on Passing Arguments Lesson 23: Templates
Lesson 11: Classes and Functions Lesson 24: Generics
Lesson 12: Classes and their Methods Lesson 25: Arrays
Lesson 13: Classes Construction and Destruction

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