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Nesting Conditional Statements


This is an example of writing a conditional statement inside of another, which is referred to as nesting:

using System;

class NewProject
	static void Main()
		char SittingDown;
		string SitDown;
			Console.Write("Are you sitting down now(y/n)? ");
			SitDown = Console.ReadLine();
			SittingDown = char.Parse(SitDown);
			if( SittingDown != 'y' )
				Console.WriteLine("Could you please sit down for the next exercise?");
		}while( SittingDown != 'y' );
		Console.WriteLine("Wonderful. Now we will continue today's exercise...");
		Console.WriteLine("\n...\nEnd of exercise\n");
		char WantToContinue;
		Console.Write("\nDo you want to continue(1=Yes/0=No)? ");
		string ToContinue = Console.ReadLine();
		WantToContinue = char.Parse(ToContinue);
		if(WantToContinue == '1')
			char LayOnBack;
			Console.WriteLine("Good. For the next exercise, you should lay on your back");
			Console.Write("Are you laying on your back(1=Yes/0=No)? ");
			string Lay = Console.ReadLine();
            			LayOnBack = char.Parse(Lay);
			if(LayOnBack == '0')
				char Ready;
					Console.WriteLine("Please lay on your back");
					Console.Write("\nAre you ready(1=Yes/0=No)? ");
					string R = Console.ReadLine();
                    				Ready = char.Parse(R);
				}while(Ready == '0');
			else if(LayOnBack == '1')
				Console.WriteLine("\nGreat.\nNow we will start the next exercise.");
				Console.WriteLine("\nWell, it looks like you are getting tired...");
			Console.WriteLine("\nWe had enough today");
		Console.WriteLine("\nWe will stop the session now\nThanks.\n");

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