Intermediate C# Programming

1. Introduction to Classes: Initializing global variables in the body of the class, Constructors, Constants, Static Fields, Read-only variables ( en-us/library/k9x6w0hc.aspx) Properties, Methods (passing an argument by ref, out) Anonymous Types ( en-us/library/bb397696.aspx) Nested Types ( en-us/library/ms173120.aspx) (Namespaces, Structures)?

2. OOP: Simple Inheritance, Abstract Classes Polymorphism: base, this Constructor ( com/Pacman-Game-68521e20)

3. Attributes

4. Delegates - Lambda Expressions

5. Events:

6. Introduction to Windows Components

7. Introduction to C#: Data Types, Conditional Statements, Exception Handling Types of applications in C# (Console applications, desktop applications (graphics, databases, etc), web-based applications, Office interaction ( en-us/library/dd264738.aspx) Available Techniques and Accessories: LINQ

Extension Methods ( en-us/library/bb383977.aspx)

4. Arrays and Collections: Creating an array, passing an array (params) - Indexers - Yield: us/library/9k7k7cf0.aspx Generics: us/library/9yb8xew9.aspx

5. Covariance and Contravariance

6. Attributes:

9. Ineritance.NET (Inheriting from a .NET Class)

10. Creating a Custom Control

11. Threading ( en-us/library/k9x6w0hc.aspx), us/library/mt679045.aspx

https://referencesource. system/string.cs

.NET Framework Source Code: