Microsoft PowerPoint

MOUS Topics
Topic Title Lesson
  Creating a Presentation  
S1 Delete slides L1
S2 Create a specified type of slide L3
S3 Create a presentation from a template or a wizard L3
 S4 Navigate among different views (slide, outline, sorter, and tri-pane) L2
S5 Create a new presentation from existing slides  
S6 Copy a slide from one presentation into another  
S7 Insert headers and footers  
S8 Create a blank presentation L2
S9 Create a presentation using the AutoContent Wizard L3
S10  Send a presentation via e-mail L2
  Modifying a Presentation  
S11 Change the order of slides using Slide Sorter view L5
S12 Find and replace text L5
S13 Change the layout for one or more slides L5
S14 Modify the Slide Master L14, L16
S15 Modify slide sequence in the outline pane L5
S16 Apply a design template L3
  Working with Text  
S17 Check spelling L5
S18 Change and replace text fonts (individual slide and entire presentation) L14
S19 Enter text in tri-pane view L3
S20 Import text from Microsoft Word L10
S21 Change the text alignment L14
 S22 Create a text box for entering text L11
S23 Use the Wrap text in TextBox feature  
S24 Use the Office Clipboard  
S25 Use the Format Painter L13
S26 Promote and Demote text in slide and outline panes L8
  Working with Visual Elements  
S27 Add a picture from the Clip Art Gallery L12
S28 Add and group shapes using WordArt or the Drawing Toolbar L12
S29 Apply formatting L10
S30 Add text to a graphic object using a text box  
S31 Scale and size an object including clip art L15
S32 Create tables within PowerPoint L15
S33 Rotate and fill an object  
Customizing a Presentation  
S34  Add AutoNumber bullets  
S35 Add speaker notes L4
S36  Add graphical bullets L13
S37 Add slide transitions L16
S38 Animate text and objects L16
  Creating Output  
S39 Preview presentation in black and white  
S40 Print slides in a variety of formats L4
S41 Print audience handouts  
S42 Print speaker notes in a specified format  
  Delivering a Presentation  
S43 Start a slide show on any slide L4
S44 Use on screen navigation tools L4
S45 Print a slide as an overhead transparency  
 S46 Use the pen during a presentation L4
  Managing Files  
S47 Save changes to a presentation  
S48 Save as a new presentation L2
S49 Publish a presentation to the Web L2
S50 Use the Microsoft Office Assistant L1
S51 Insert hyperlink L11