MS PowerPoint Projects - Tasks

Here are a few projects you can accomplish as presentations:

  1. CD-ROM Manufacturing: Describe in a presentation how a compact disk is manufactured, from scratch to a sellable product.

  2. The United States Government: How does the American government function? Present the Executive, the Legislative, and the Supreme Court's powers.

  3. Computer Operating System: Describe a computer operating system's role in the functioning of a computer. Take MS Windows as an example.

  4. The Internet: Describe how the Internet functions.

  5. The OPEC: Describe how gas producing countries and that organization work together to produce and sell oil.

  6. Genesis: Try to present how God created the World and everything in it in six days.

  7. The Digestive System: Explain how the food we eat becomes energy that we use in our daily life.

  8. Nelson Mandela: Present a small biography of Nelson Mandela. You don't have to be very detailed, just the main points of his life.

  9. Water: Present the different uses and forms of the water (H2O).

  10. Jesus Christ's death: Give an account of the last few hours of Jesus Christ before He died, from the time He was arrested to "Telestye", (you don't have to cover the Resurrection, for this presentation).

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