StarOffice StarCalc Tutorial

Lesson 1: Introduction to StarCalc
Lesson 2: Introduction to Cells
Lesson 3: Techniques of Selecting Cells
Lesson 4: Editing Cells Contents
Lesson 5: Introduction to Cells Formatting
Lesson 6: Introduction to Functions
Lesson 7: Advanced Functions
Lesson 8: Using Worksheets
Lesson 9: Worksheets and Workbooks
Lesson 10: Text Formatting
Lesson 11: Advanced Cells Formatting

This tutorial assumes that you have Sun StarOffice 5.2, or 6.0, or OpenOffice 638 installed on your computer.

This tutorial covers StarCalc on both Microsoft Windows and Linux. The main version available at this time is StarOffice 5.2. Since some people (including me) have StarOffice 6.0 and/or 638, I will try to cover all these versions. I will try to point out differences, including those between MS Windows and Linux, if any.

If you find an area that is misrepresented or that I did not cover, provided it fits in the section, please let me know.



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