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Although courteously recommended, it is perfectly normal not to pay too much attention to slide layouts or structure when creating them, this is because you can later change anything or almost anything related to any slide in order to achieve a meticulous result.

You can edit anything on a slide including text on slides, "physical" layout, etc. To edit text, you should be in any view other than Slider Sorter. To overtype a word and replace it, double-click the word to highlight it and type the replacement text. In the same way, you can change the whole content of a slide

Practical Learning: Slide Editing

  1. Start StarOffice

  2. From the opening dialog, if the Structure of the Human Body file appears in the list, click it and click Open. If it doesn't, click the Open An Existing Presentation radio button and locate the MS Access Exercises folder; click Structure of the Human Body and click Open.

  3. Click the Slide View

  4. Click slide 4.

  5. Double-click the title Digestion to highlight it.

  6. Type The Digestive System

  7. Click the Outline View button Outline View

  8. Double-click Respiration and type The Respiratory System

  9. Click slide 8.

  10. Click the Drawing View button.

  11. On the left list, click anywhere on the The Blood line.

  12. Press End to move the cursor to the end of the line

  13. Press Enter and type Blood Circulation Summary

  14. Click slide 3.

  15. Edit the first line to display Definition: Tissues, Cells, Muscles

  16. Double-click the title of slide 6 and type The Nerve System

  17. To select the first line of its bulleted list, triple-click Nutrition to select the whole line.

  18. Type Organization Overview

  19. On the second line, double-click Mouth and type Central Nervous System

  20. Triple-click Journey of Food and press Delete

  21. Click anywhere on the The Stomach line and press Home

  22. With the cursor at the beginning of the line, press and hold Shift. Click the last word on the slide. That selects the lines from the cursor to the end of the slide.

  23. Type Summary and press Enter

  24. Type The Peripheries Nervous System

  25. Press Enter and type The Brain

  26. Press Enter and type The Cerebrum

  27. Press Enter and type The Spinal Cord



Find and Replace Text

Although you can look for and find your text manually, StarImpress can scan your slides faster and find a word or a group of words easily, and you can decide on what portion of text you want to replace.

To find text, on the main menu, click Edit -> Find... When the Find dialog box comes, type or group of words in the Find What text box and click Find Text. Whenever the application finds an instances that matches your expression, it would highlight it.

To replace some text, on the main menu, click Find -> Replace... In the Find What text box, type the word you are looking for; in the Replace With text box, type the appropriate word or group of words and click Find Next. You can also get the Replace feature from the Find dialog box; to do that, click the Replace button

Practical Learning: Find and/or Replace Text

  1. Press Ctrl + Home to get to the beginning of the presentation.

  2. On the main menu, click Edit -> Find...

  3. In the Find What text box, type system

  4. Click Find Next and few times until all instances of the word have been found.

  5. Click Close to close the dialog box.

  6. On the main menu, click Edit -> Replace...

  7. In the Find What text box, type cerebrum and press Tab.

  8. In the Replace With text box, type Cerebellum

  9. Click Find Next

  10. When the word cerebrum is highlighted, click Replace

  11. When the word has been replaced, click Close.


Slide Layout

A presentation is a program that is always subject to revision. For example, when creating slides, you might decide on a certain layout but find out that another structure is more suitable.

You can change a slide's layout when in Slide View, in Outline View, or in Normal View. Right-click an empty area of the slide object and click Slide Layout. From the Slide Layout dialog box, select the desired layout and click Apply.

Practical Learning: Apply A Layout

  1. Click the Slide Sorter View button.

  2. In Slide Sorter View, double-click slide 2 to open it in Slide View

  3. Once in Slide View, right-click an empty area of the slide and click Slide Layout...

  4. On the Slide Layout dialog box, click the Bulleted List button (first row, second column)

  5. Click Apply.


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