Microsoft Visual Basic Application Design
Microsoft Visual Basic Application Design


This is an electronic book (ebook) published by FunctionX Press that teaches the fundamentals of using the Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 programming environment that is part of Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. This ebook covers the .NET Framework library, including Windows Forms, Windows applications, and file processing. This ebook covers the most regularly used Windows controls with real life examples in step-by-step instructions, reviewing, explaining, and applying the controls.

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Lessons Summary
Part I: Microsoft Visual Basic Part V: Windows Controls
1. Introduction to Microsoft Visual Basic 20. Introduction to Text-Based Controls
2. Graphical Applications Fundamentals 21. Managing Text-Based Controls
Part II: Controls Design and Properties 22. Button-Based Controls
3. Introduction to Application Design 23. Check Boxes
4. Introduction to Controls Properties 24. List Boxes
5. Details on Controls Properties 25. Checked List Boxes
5. Controls Methods and Events 26. Combo Boxes
6. Introduction to Exception Handling 27. Spin Buttons
7. .NET Exception Handling 28. Track Bars and Scroll Bars
Part III: GDI+ 29. The List View
8. Introduction to GDI+ 30. The Tree View
9. Introduction to Bitmaps 31. Progress-Based Controls
10. Operations on Bitmaps 32. The Month Calendar Control
11. GDI+ Accessories 33. The Date/Time Picker
12. Drawing Shapes Part VI: Applications Accessories
13. Drawing Curves 34. Introduction to Applications Menus
14. Introduction to Brushes 35. Visual Characteristics of Menu Items
15. Texture and Gradient Brushes 36. Managing Menu Items
16. Drawing Strings Part VII: File Processing
Part IV: Controls Containers 37. Accessories for File Processing
17. The Forms of an Application 38. Introduction to File Processing
18. Introduction to Controls Containers 39. Details on File Processing
19. Tab Controls and Tab Pages Part VIII: Application Functionality
40. Introduction to Printing
41. Configuring Printing
Screenshots 42. Application Online Help

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