How-To: Create and Execute a Command



The ADO library provides the Command object that you can use to perform any of the usual operations such as selecting rows, adding a new record, or editing existing records. Consider the following table:

You can use a Command object to create or add a new record to it. Here is an example of creating and executing a command:

Private Sub cmdNewVideo_Click()
    Dim rstVideos As ADODB.Recordset
    Dim cmdVideos As ADODB.Command
    Set rstVideos = New ADODB.Recordset
    Set cmdVideos = New ADODB.Command
    cmdVideos.CommandText = "INSERT INTO Videos(Title, Director, " & _
                            "CopyrightYear, Length, Rating) " & _
                            "VALUES('Congo', 'Frank Marshall', 1995, " & _
                            "'109 Minutes', 'PG-13');"
    cmdVideos.CommandType = adCmdText
    cmdVideos.ActiveConnection = CurrentProject.Connection
    Set rstVideos = cmdVideos.Execute
    Set rstVideos = Nothing
    Set cmdVideos = Nothing
End Sub



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