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            FunctionX Sample Applications

These are a few sample applications you can download and experiment with


Compound Interest

This application demonstrates the use of radio buttons and text box-related calculations. Picture | Download

Bethesda Car Rental

This is a file-based application that behaves like a database. It allows the user to create and save records while processing orders and transactions-related operations for a car rental company. Picture | Download

Clarksville Ice Create


Danilo Pizza

This application combines text boxes, radio buttons, and check boxes to assist in processing orders for a pizza shop. Picture | Download

Georgetown Cleaning Services


Pledge Distribution

This application was created to explore UpDown controls, also called spin buttons. It is used to evaluate three fractions that share a 100% value. Each distribution is made using a spin button. Picture | Download

Car Inventory 1

This example uses a track bar, also called a slider to assist the user with navigating among the values of a list. Each index of the list changes the display of Windows controls on the form, including the contents of a picture box. Picture | Download


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