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Microsoft Visual J# is part of the Microsoft Visual Studio .Net, a suite of languages and a programming environment used to create desktop, server, 

and web-based applications. This site provides lessons and examples on how to use the J# language, the Visual J# environment, and the Visual Studio .Net programming world.


This application calculates overtime from a time sheet in a payroll simulation

Net Price Calculation

A simple example of calculating and displaying the price of an item

CD Publisher

This application calculates the price of an order based on the quantity ordered.

Body Tag Formatter

This application creates a format for the HTML's body tag

Progressive Clock

A form that displays the current time using progress bars

Color Changer

This example uses three track bars. When the user slides one of the track bars, the panel display an RGB color that is a combination of the value of each track bar.

Danilo Pizza

An example of processing order for a pizza business


In this example, we use radio buttons to perform simple operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

Tick Counter

With this application, you can find out how long a computer has been On or for how long an application has been running


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