God's Weaknesses

Projects and Failures

Failures in Creation

The God of the Bible fails regularly.

Every time He tries to do something, He fails or makes a mistake:

Every time the God of the Bible makes a mistake, He blames every one else but Himself:

Fixing Failures in Creation

When the God of the Bible realizes that He has made a mistake, He tries to fix it or to find an alternative:

Every time the God of the Bible tries to fix a mistake of His, He makes things worse:

When He gets frustrated at His inability to fix His own mistakes, He goes on a killing spree. Sometimes, to strike His own ego (to show how powerful He is), He destroys the whole planet.

Spreading the Message

The God of the Bible can't write.

To convey the message of the Lord, human beings took it upon themselves to write down some messages, letters, and books (Proverbs 1:1, John 21:24, Romans 16:22). Then they attributed them to God.

They claimed to have received messages or inspiration from the God of the Bible. They were never able to prove it. Our generation cannot verify the authenticity of those messages or of that inspiration.

We have to rely on faith without proof to trust that everything, including recommendations for slave-owning, sexism, genocides, and racism, are messages from, or inspired by, the Lord.

God's Laziness

The God of the Bible is lazy.

The book of Genesis claims that God created the world and everything in it in 6 days (Genesis 1:5 and Genesis 1:31).

Then God got tired.

He decided to rest for one day (Genesis 2:2-3). But He didn't come back to work the following week. In fact, He has not created anything ever since that first week (although Genesis 2 has many differences with Genesis 1, Genesis 2 is not a new work-week, that is, Genesis 2 is not continuation of the narrative creation of Genesis 1; it appears like a different author trying to give his version of the creation; If Generis 2 were claiming to be a continuation of the narrative creation of Genesis 1, we would have a serious problem).

His one-day vacation became an eternal vacation.

Financing the Message

The God of the Bible is poor He cannot provide for His children (millions of christians pray every day with no result).

He cannot create businesses to hire people who cry to Him every day for employment He cannot provide money to build churches. So Christians have to scramble around to build their own churches, only to dedicate those churches to God. Pastors and priests have to distribute big roles (such as deakons, elders, senior advisors, etc) to rich members (government ministers, senators, business owners, etc) so that those people in return will give big contributions to the pastor and the priests who would then build churches and lavish their families with wealth from, but they would attribute that wealth to the goodness of the Lord.

Worthy of Worship?

Is this the God you want to worship?