Indoctrination is the process of applying a doctrine or a series of teachings without any checking process: You just have to believe whatever the person is telling you and you must consider it as true.

You must believe that you have received the right teaching, you are in the right religion, and only that religion provides God's salvation.

Normally, you are not given a choice Indoctrination must/should be done towards a fresh or naïve mind.

Indoctrination can be done on a child, an adult, or a community.

Primary Assumptions for Christian Indoctrination

You have to believe that you are a sinner and need a savior:

You must believe that there is one unique supreme being: The God of the Bible – Deuteronomy 6:4.

You Must Be On God's Side

Just living your own normal life is not good enough (because you cannot be good enough; you don't have the normal required morality) because you are made of flesh, which means you cannot please the God of the Bible – Romans 8:7-8.

You can only be with God or against God – Matthew 12:30 (there is no middle ground).

As a result, either you are working to advance God's agenda, or you are scattering His people.

Don't Ask Questions

Don't analyze anything.

You are not allowed to add or remove any word from the Bible – Revelation 22:18. This means that you must accept it “as is” and that it is perfect.

You have to believe that the teachings of the Bible will guide you:

How Indoctrination Starts – on Children

When (as soon as) you are born, your parents start taking you to church (while you are young, if you ever don't want to go to church, you mother will either drag you to church or beat you on your way there; at one time, you start accepting going to church as normal and required way of life).

You are imposed a concept without anybody asking your opinion.

Before you know it, you start adopting a spiritual teaching, it gets planted, inseminated, welded, and glued, in your head.

Before you know it, these teachings control the way you think and the way you act.

Before you know it, a confusing concept of God fills your head and prevents you from thinking so that you will not question Its/His/Her teaching.

Trust in the Lord

You must believe that your holy book (such as the Bible), and only your holy book (the Bible), is the Word of God – II Timothy 3:16.

You shouldn't trust your own thinking:

How Do the Bible and Christianity Indoctrinate?

You must believe that the God of the Bible loves you, and you must indoctrinate your children with this teaching, day and night, everything, in everything you do – Deuteronomy 6:7-9.

You have to memorize (some sections of) the Bible – Deuteronomy 6:7-9.

You must love and worship the God of the Bible with all your mind, soul, and strength – Deuteronomy 6:4.

As a result, if/since you love your children, you must indoctrinate them. You must give them what you received:

As the Result of Indoctrination

The God of the Bible would demonstrate Himself to you (which He has never done).

You must go to church every weekend (Saturday or Sunday).

You must pay your tithes.

You must pray all the time, everyday, for everything. Even when a prayer doesn't work, just keep praying (it is usually your fault when your prayer doesn't work; it means you are doing something wrong).

How Do You Know That You Have Been Indoctrinated?

You feel (very) offended at the questions:

Does God exist? Can you prove your God exist?

You feel it is your responsibility to defend God:

You are convinced that there is something wrong with anybody who doesn't believe what you believe.

Anybody who doesn't accept to believe what you believe is possessed by the devil or a bad spirit..

According to you, anybody who claims to have been a Christian at one time but has stopped believing:

You can justify the idea that your own mother or your own child will burn in hell forever while you will enjoy yourself in Paradise.

You can justify anything (no matter what it is) your religion teaches:

The Consequences of Indoctrination

You stop thinking. You must stop thinking on your own because you have been taught that:

When it comes to reasoning, you walk backward:

Indoctrination is a Bad Thing – Stop it for Yourself

If you want to stop your own indoctrination, start Thinking:

Read the Bible (yes, read the Bible) but reason. Try to explain to yourself the logic of what you read.

There are good stories in the Bible but don't assume that everything in the Bible is good. When you find a teaching that seems to make sense, ask yourself what makes sense in what you read. Is it good or bad? Why? What can you learn from it?.

If you find a story about morality in the Bible, ask yourself if this is something you can do or benefit from only if you are a Christian.

If you read a story or a parable, ask yourself what you can learn from it and/or how it can benefit you and your family. Would that story be beneficial only if you were a Christian?

Stopping the Indoctrination

Indoctrination is a Bad Thing.

Stop it for yourself.

Stop it for Your Children.

Stop going to church.

If you want to stop the indoctrination of your child: