Did Jesus Christ Suffer More Than Anybody?

Mary's Pregnancy

This examination doesn't imply that Jesus Christ existed. It only reviews some claims made about Jesus.

In this analysis, there are no human references because Christians is one of those videos that attack or question people's faith, and they become offended or violent. Therefore, I urge you to do research in books and on the Internet. You will certainly find many examples and references.

Jesus Christ's mother's pregnancy was pre-announced:

Jesus' mother got pregnant (Matthew 1:18, Luke 2:5), just like millions of women every day.

Pregnancy-Related Problems

Based on a few mentions we get from Luke (the book of Luke is completely hear-say (we don't know who Luke or the authors of that book questioned or interviewed; Luke doesn't describe how he did his research, or the authors of Luke don't mention their source(s) of information):

Jesus Birth Day – 1

On the day of birth, Mary found herself in a manger. Granted, it is not the most relaxed place and the baby was probably not very comfortable, but both Mary's husband Joseph and the manger owner (I am not implying that any of these people existed) did everything humanly possible to ease her comfort and that of the baby.

Think of some bad situations some women go through to give birth:

Glory Startup

At His birth, Jesus glory immediately started:

Jesus Birth Day – 2

While Jesus Christ was born in the presence of His earthly father and the manger owner, some women find themselves alone in a farm, during a car accident, in a police cell, etc and they have to do everything by themselves. We are aware of women in jail who gave birth by themselves while in the presence of prison guards who decided not to help the woman.

Some children encounter a problem or accident on the day of delivery. This may result in a broken hand, a broken leg, a torn head.

Some babies accidently drink the ovarian fluid while they are coming out. In our continent, if the medical personel that is present is not qualified, not willing, or not equipped, the baby may die (it has happened many times).

Some children are immediately abandonned in garbage cans in front of some strangers houses.

Some children are abandonned by one of the parents after birth

Born in a Family

Jesus was born in a family – Luke 2:7, Matthew 1:18.

He had a father and mother: Matthew 1:18-19, Luke 2:4-7, Luke 4:22

He was circumcised, following Moses' law – Luke 2:21


It looks like Jesus had an apparent ordinary childhood (book of Luke).

Granted, His parents escaped with Him to Egypt while he was a child (Matthew 2:13-14), but no suffering of Him is mentioned (in fact, it looks like Matthew is mentioning the escape to desperately show the fulfillment of a prophecy – Matthew 2:17-18).

Consider what other children of this world go through. Some children are born in the middle of a war and the parents must constantly flee.

Consider children who are born sick or get a disease in the early days of their lives. Either they spend their whole childhood in sickness or their whole life is problematic.

No disease or sickness is signaled for Jesus Chirst. So how can somebody with a perfect body possibly identify with those who are sick (if He was never sick, He never felt sick and doesn't know that it means to be sick).

He disappeared from 12 to 30 (= 18 years):

Jesus likely had a regular life from 12 to 30 (Luke 2:51-52) or we don't have any information for this period of His life:


Apparently Jesus had siblings (brothers and Sisters – Luke 8:19-20, Matthew 12:46-47):

Apprently Jesus had friends, such as: Lazarus (John 11:3, 11):

Jesus as an Adult

Paying rent: There is no mention that Jesus ever faced the pressure of paying rent or mortgage. To the contrary, people offered to house Him free of charge.

Surviving with bills, food, traffic tickets, etc: Jesus never faced the types of pressures that other people face every day. When it comes to food, He could feed Himself by creating food on the fly (feeding 4000 or 5000 people). Also, people were honored to invite Him to their house to feed him.

Jesus never paid any bill. In fact, to pay his taxes, He sent someone else (Peter) to go catch a fish (the fish probably died, as a sacrifice for Jesus paying His taxes), get money from inside the fish, and pay. No income taxes were retrieved from His paycheck.

Jesus as a Human Being: Arrests Attempts

Jesus faced arrests attempts (John 7:32). Even in the Bible, other people faced arrest attempts:

Even in the Bible, other people faced arrest attempts:

Consider all the people who risk arrests all over the world every day or for a great deal of their life

Jesus as a Human Being: Murders Attempts

Jesus faced murder attempts (Mark 14:1-2, John 11:48-54):

Jesus as a Human Being: Deaths Attempts

Deaths attempts (John 8:59):

Jesus as a Rabbi

Jesus had a glorified ministry:

The Life of a Rabbi

Jesus Was Rejected:

Jesus as God

He was in heaven and came down to earth – John 3:13, John 6:38.

Jesus is God – John 8:58.

He declared that He and the Father are one – John 10:30.

Jesus is omniscient::

He has God's power – John 3:35.

He has God's authority – John 10:25.

Death by Crucifixion

Jesus was betrayed:

Jesus went on trial:

Jesus was crucified (John 19:17-18):

If you think that Jesus's crucifiction was a difficult death, and Jesus was hung for only three hours, think of:

After suffering on the cross for three hours, Jesus had a regular death:

Death and Reward

Jesus resurrected. So where was death?

Millions of people die every day but never resurrect

After Jesus resurrected, He went to heaven where he is seating at the right hand of God (God has hands). So a three-hour suffering got the highest reward. What type of suffering was that?.


Jesus Christ did not suffer more than anybody

Throughout history, the majority of people have suffered billions of times more than anything Jesus Christ endured for only three years, which in reality was a glorious life

In fact, Jesus Christ's suffering lasted 3 hours (there is only one report that He cried – John 11:35).