The Save Picture Dialog Box



To help you easily save a picture from your application, the VCL provides the Save Picture dialog box. Like the Open Picture dialog box, the Save Picture dialog box is equipped with ready-made characteristics such as a filter that recognizes the most popular picture types.


Creating a Save Picture Dialog Box

The Save Picture dialog box is represented in the VCL by a class named TSavePictureDialog. To visually provide one to your application, in the Dialogs section of the Tool Palette, click the TSavePictureDialog button TSavePictureDialog and click a container on your application. To programmatically create the control, declare a pointer to TSavePictureDialog. Specify its  owner in the contructor.

The TSavePictureDialog class is derived from the TOpenPictureDialog class where it gets all of its visual characteristics such as a read-made filter and the ability to display the dialog box by calling the Execute() method. The TSavePictureDialog class doesn't have any real characteristics of its own. All of its functionality comes from its ancestor classes.


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