C++Builder Application Programming
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C++Builder Application Programming
C++Builder Programming

C++ is a computer programming language used to create applications for various platforms. Embarcadero C++Builder is a programming environment that uses C++ to help with the creation, distribution (deployment), and maintenance of various types of computer applications.

This web site provides lessons, tutorials, and topics about using Embarcadero C++Builder to create applications for the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems.




Introduction to C++Builder
Introduction to Applications
Intro to Application Design
Characteristics of Windows Controls
Properties of Windows Controls
Messages and Events
Introduction to Forms
A Form and its Environment
Intro to Controls Containers

IDE Objects


Message Boxes

Show Message
The Win32 Message Box
The Message Dialog
Message Box Position
Input Box
The Input Query Request

File Processing

File Processing
Drives | File Management
Directories | Files Operations
Introduction to File Processing
VCL File Buffering
File Streaming
Win32 and Object Pascal File Processing



Popup Menus
Visual Assistance
Managing Menus

Dialog Boxes

Built-In Dialog Boxes

About Boxes
Property Sheets/Pages
Wizard Pages
The Windows About Dialog Box
The Change Icon Dialog Box


File Processing

Sample Applications

Algebra Boolean Algebra Car Inventory
Car Manufacture Analysis   College Park Auto Repair
Compund Interest Computer Ticks Depreciation Evaluation
Editor Elementary Addition Elementary Algebra
Four-Corner Supermarket Geometric Shapes HTML Body Tag
Movie Reviewer Oblique Triangles Optical Disc Publisher
Payroll Evaluation Picture Viewer Pledge Distribution
Progressive Clock Salary Estimation Sign Language
Simple Interest 1   Simple Interest 2
Sphere Calculation Traffic Light Trignonometric Calculations

Lessons Resources
Lessons Samples

Image Editor

Windows Controls

Action List

Action Main Menu Action Manager
Action Toolbar Bevel Bitmap Buttons
Browse Dialog Box Button Button Group
Buttoned Edit Category Buttons Category Panel Group
Check Boxes Combo Box Command Link
Customize Dialog Box Date Picker Draw Grid
Drive Combo Box Directory List Box Edit
File List Box Filter Combo Box Find Dialog Box
Frame Group Box IP Address
Image Image List Label
Labeled Edit List Box List View
Masked Edit Memo Month Calendar
Open Dialog Open Picture Dialog Box Open With Dialog Box
Paint Box Panel Print Dialog Box
Print Setup Dialog Box Progress Bar Radio Buttons
Radio Group Replace Dialog Box Rich Text Box
Save Dialog Box Save Picture Box Scroll Bars
Scroll Box Select Directory Dialog Speed Button
Spin Button Spin Edit Split Button
Splitter Static Text Status Bar
String Grid Tab Control Time Picker
Timer Toolbar Touch Keyboard
Track Bar Tree View Up-Down Button

Common Dialog Boxes

Introduction to Microsoft Windows Common Dialog Boxes




TClipboard TGraphicControl TPicture

Applications/Controls Accessories

TPoint and POINT
TSize and SIZE
TRect and RECT



Introduction to XML
Introduction to XML Elements
Operations on XML Elements
Hash Tables

VCL Mathematics and Related-Functions

General Measure Business Arithmetic Finance Statistics
Conversion: String to Integer Introduction Introduction Absolute Value Introduction Minimum Integer of a Series
Conversion: Integer to String PI Double Declining Balance Ceiling Future Value Minimum Value of a Series
Conversion: String to Double Cycle To Radian SLN Depreciation Floor Periods Maximum Integer of a Series
Number Formatting Degrees to Radian SYD Exponent Payment Maximum Value of a Series
  Radian to Cycle Trigonometry Power Periodic Payment Mean/Average Value of a Series
  Radian to Degrees Cosine Exponential Present Value Sum of Values of a Series
    Sine Mantissa Interest Payment Sum of Integers of a Series
    Tangents Natural Logarithm Net Present Value Sum of Squares of a Series
      Logarithm of Base 2 Internal Rate of Return Sums and Squares of a Series
      Logarithm of Base 10    
      Logarithm of Base N    
      Square Root    

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