Math Functions: The Minimum Integral Value of a Series



int __fastcall MinIntValue(const int * Data, const int Data_Size);

The MinIntValue() function calculates the minimum value of an array of integers. The Data argument of the function is the name of the array. The second argument, Data_Size is the number-1 of members of the array.

To get the minimum value of a group of integers, declare an integral array of numbers. You can initialize the variable or request the values of its members from the user. The value of the Data_Size argument must be 1 less than the total number of members.

Here is an example that uses the MaxIntValue() function:

void __fastcall TForm1::Button1Click(TObject *Sender)
	int Numbers[] = { 15, 408, 72, 995, 32 };
	int Size = (sizeof(Numbers)/sizeof(double)) - 1;

	double MinInteger = MinIntValue(Numbers, Size);

	Edit1->Text = MinInteger;



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