.Net Controls: Label



A label is a control that displays text to the user. The user cannot directly change it but only allowed to read it. A label can be used by itself or placed next to another control because such a control cannot inherently indicated what it is used for.

To create a label, on the Toolbox, click the Label button and click the form.

To programmatically create a label, declare a pointer to Label. This would be done as follows:

public __gc class Form1 : public System::Windows::Forms::Form
		Label *lblFirstName;

Use the new operator to initialize it using its default constructor. Once you have created the control, you can change its properties as you see fit. Here is an example:

void InitializeComponent(void)
	// First Name Label
	this->lblFirstName = new Label;
	this->lblFirstName->Text = S"&First Name";
	this->lblFirstName->Location = System::Drawing::Point(20, 20);
	. . .


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