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Programming Fundamentals
Control Creation
Controls Characteristics
Control Location and Size
The Form
Using Multiple Forms
Controls Containers
Command Controls
Dialog Boxes

.NET Controls

Check Box
Color Dialog Box
Combo Box
Context Menu
Date Picker
Dialog Box
Folder Browser Dialog
Font Dialog Box
Group Box
Image List
List Box
List View
Main Menu
Month Calendar
Open File Dialog
Page Setup Dialog
Progress Bar
Picture Box
Print Dialog
Radio Buttons
Save File Dialog
Scroll Bar
Text Box
Time Picker
Track Bar
Tree View


FunctionX FunctionX Press C++/CLI Visual C++/CLI VC MFC C++ Builder C# Visual C# Visual Basic

Microsoft Visual C++ is a programming environment used to create computer applications for the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems. It uses C++ as the base language and relies on various libraries to extend it. MSVC supports a large collection of languages (including C++ and Managed C++) and libraries (including Win32, MFC, .NET, and COM, just to name a few). On this site, we provide lessons, topics, and links on how to use the .NET Framework as it is implemented in Microsoft Visual C++ .NET. We have separate sites for C++, Managed C++, and Microsoft Visual C++ MFC.

The materials on this site are organized in an electronic book (ebook) available for purchase.


General File Processing Collections
Delegates and Events
Exception Handling
Application Online Help
Introduction to Streams
Binary File Streaming
Character Streaming
File Information
The Array Class
The ArrayList Class
DataSet Introduction
Data Tables
Data Columns
Data Records
Data Relations
Introduction to ADO
Database Creation
ADO Fundamentals
Database Creation
Database Tables
Tables' Columns
Database Records
Data Entry Assistance
Introduction to Recordsets
Introduction to SQL
Record Maintenance
SQL Server Installation
Connection to the Server
Introduction to SQL/ADO.NET
The Structure of a Table
Data Entry
Adapting to Data
Data Analysis
The Data Reader
SQL Operators
Data Relationships
Data Joins
Introduction to XML
Creating XML Files
XML Well-Formed
Using an XML File
Introduction to XML Elements
Operations on XML Elements
Introduction to XML Attributes
The Attributes of an XML Element
The Nodes of an XML Element
GDI+ ADO.NET Topics XML Topics
Introduction to GDI+
Line-Based Shapes
Circle-Based Shapes
Curve-Based Shapes
Introduction to Brushes
Solid Brushes
Hatch Brushes
Texture Brushes
Gradient Brushes
DataGrid Binding 1
DataGrid Binding 2
DataGrid Binding 3
Data Navigation
Text Box Data Binding
Combo Box Data Binding
Data Entry Using Data Grid
Data Entry Using Controls
Data Entry Using a Data Row
Master/Detail Navigation
Using a Paradox Table
La Une



File Processing


.NET File Streaming

This is a review of the StreamWriter class. It shows a simple technique of saving or opening a file by prompting the user with a Common Dialog box.

Object Serialization

This application is a good illustration of a file-based database. It simulates a department store creating and saving an inventory. It also includes the ability to process customers orders.



Keeping Values in the Registry

This example demonstrates how to store a key an its value in the registry to retrieve them when necessary.



Reading and Writing
This is a review of the XmlTextReader and the XmlTextWriter classes used to write to and to read from an XML file.

ADO .NET Stored Procedures

Data Entry
Updating Records



XML How-To

GDI+ How-To

Add a New Element to a File
Display XML Elements in a DataGrid
Add a New Element With Attributes to a File
Navigate Through an XML File Using Text-Based Controls
Complete a Combo Box List With Items From an XML File
Display fonts in a combo box
Move the Origin From the Top-Left Corner
Design a Bitmap
Design an Icon
Use Cursors in an Application


ADO .NET - How-To

Use a Procedure to update Some Records
Save Records as XML
Record Creation


Windows Programming Fundamentals
Extended Static Library Using .Net




.NET Objects and Classes

Using Managed C++ __abstract Cursors
Managed Arrays __interface
Mouse __property
static IDE Objects
  The Toolbox 
How-To General
Call a Form or Dialog Box from Another Form or Dialog Box
Create a border-less, title bar-less, maximized form
Use a Common Event For Various Controls
Create an MDI
Creating an Executable
Move a Form by its Body
Display Drive Letters
Use Print Preview
Use Visual Basic .NET Functions




General Applications

Compound Interest Time Sheet With One Shift

This is a technique of applying the Time Picker control to create a time sheet that allows the user to set the starting time and the end time without overlapping them.

Net Price Calculation Net Price Calculation

A simple example of calculating and displaying the price of an item

Color Changer Color Changer

An experimental application that creates its form and necessary controls without the Designer.

Tick Counter Tick Counter

Sometimes you may want to know how long a computer or an application has been running. This is such an experiment.

Operations Operations

This serves as an introduction to knowing how to convert the value of a control, such as a text box, to a numeric value, such as double.

GDI+ Examples
Tick Counter GDI+ Examples: Column Chart

In this introduction to charts, we use a series of rectangles to draw a column chart.

Tick Counter GDI+ Examples: 2-Column Chart

Continuing with our introduction to charts, this time, we create a 2-column chart

Tick Counter GDI+ Examples: Circular

In this example that simulates a screen saver, we draw one circle in the center of the screen with four circles around it. We use a timer to continually draw the circles as their radii increase or decrease.

Tick Counter GDI+ Examples: Move the Origin

This simulates a screen saver where we draw the origin of a coordinate system and draw a circle that has its center at the origin. We keep moving the center, thus moving the circle around the screen.

Tick Counter GDI+ Examples: Chase the Circle

This is another use of circular geometry for an attempt of a screen saver. In this case, we draw 3 circles around a central point. The circles move around that central point continuously using a timer

List-Based Applications
Tick Counter Georgetown Cleaning Services

This is another version of the Georgetown Cleaning Services application. This time, the user is able to save orders to a file and to open previously saved orders.




Compound Interest Georgetown Cleaning Services

This application applies the DatePicker, the TimePicker and the combo box controls to simulate a dry cleaning business.

Compound Interest Application Online Help

This is a review of the many actions you can take to provide online help to your application

Compound Interest Compound Interest

The compound interest is a technique of calculating money owed on a loan depending on the frequency of calculating it.

Tick Counter Red Oak High School

This application uses a series of articles on file processing to register the grades of students, save them to file, and be able to open them when necessary.

Tick Counter Department Store

This example applies the concepts of file processing to create a file-based database meant to create an inventory and process orders for a department store. 

Car Inventory Car Inventory

This example illustrates two things: how to use your own structure in a program and how to use a managed array of a structure (or a class) as a member variable of another structure or class.

Body Tag Formatter Body Tag Formatter

This application creates a format for the HTML's body tag

Danilo Pizza Danilo Pizza

This application retrieves the values of radio buttons, check boxes, and text boxes to perform some operations live. That is, the user doesn't have to click a Calculate, a Submit, or an Apply button: as soon as the value of a control changes, the calculation is automatically updated.

CD Publisher CD Publisher

This demonstrates the use of a spin button to increase or decrease the values by clicking one of the buttons of the control.

Compound Interest Payroll

This application calculates overtime from an employee's time sheet in a payroll simulation.

Tick Counter System of Linear Equations

Programmatically or visually solving a system of linear equations

Compound Interest Pledge Distribution

This application uses three synchronized numeric up down controls to calculate the percentage of money allocated to each of three institutions.

Progressive Clock Progressive Clock

Displays the time using (horizontal) progress bars

XML-Based Applications
Tick Counter The Music Store
This application applies the concepts reviewed for the DataSet class, the data tables, and the columns. To do this, it simulates a musical instrument store that sells items and saves them as XML.
Tick Counter College Park Auto-Parts

This is an application used to create an inventory and process orders for an auto parts store. The inventory and the orders are saved in XML files.

Tick Counter College Park Auto-Shop

In this exercise, we create an application that can be used by a car repair business. An employee creates a work order that includes the parts used to fix the car and the types of jobs performed. When the repair is complete, the user can save it to an XML file. The repair files created by default in files that hold the date the repair was entered. The  employee can save the file in that default file or in an existing file.

Tick Counter Department Store: Using XML Attributes

This application uses a list of items stored in attributes of elements of an XML file. When processing an order, the clerk enters the stock item number of an object. The number is checked in the XML file. If it exists, its description and unit price are then copied in the order form.

Tick Counter XML Login Dialog Box

This application simulates creating a login dialog box. The usernames and passwords are stored in an XML file.

Tick Counter Ice Cream Shop

The purpose of this application is to show how to save a file as XML.


Data-Based Applications

Application/Process File Processing XML ADO.NET
Georgetown Cleaning Services SoapFormatter View SQL Server MS Access
Bethesda Car Rental SoapFormatter      
College Park Auto-Shop With Printing View SqlDataReader  
College Park Auto-Parts   View    
Music Store   View    
Ice Cream   View    
Yugo National Bank        
Watts A Loan        

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