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Posted on 12 Feb 2004

Pascal (as referred to on this site) is a computer language used to create applications for computer use. Like C/C++, Java, and many others, it is not intended for one particular operating system. As a compiled language, in order to use it, you need a Pascal compiler. All of the lessons on this site were created using, and tested with, Borland Delphi. With just a few modifications,, the programs in our lessons should be possibly run on most compilers.

This site was primarily created as an introduction to Delphi but we decided to make it a little general. Because of the popularity and leadership of Borland Delphi, the built-in functions and other routines were mostly based on that compiler.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Pascal
Lesson 2: Introduction to Variables
Lesson 3: The Numeric Systems
Lesson 4: Numeric Representation
Lesson 5: Fundamental Data Types
Lesson 6: Custom Data Types
Lesson 7: Fundamental Operations
Lesson 8: Regular Operations
Lesson 9: Bit Manipulations
Lesson 10: Procedures Fundamentals
Lesson 11: Functions Fundamentals
Lesson 12: Details on Procedures and Functions
Lesson 13: Object Pascal and Unit Files
Lesson 14: Functions and Procedures Arguments
Lesson 15: Built-In Routines
Lesson 16: Logical Operators
Lesson 17: Conditional Statements
Lesson 18: Counting and Looping
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