Visual Basic 6


  MSVB Environment
  Introduction to Controls
  Messages and Events
 Variables and Data Types
  Visual Basic Operators
  Logical Comparisons
  Conditional Statements
  Functions and Procedures
  Built-In Functions
  Parents Controls
  Primary Controls
  List-Based Controls
  ADO Fundamentals
  Object-Oriented ADO
  Tables Fundamentals
  Columns Management
  The ADO Set of Records
  Data Navigation

This site provides lessons and examples on Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0. Because of the differences between environments and their respective libraries, we don't cover Visual Basic .NET on this site. Instead, we created a separate site for it.

Applications Examples
Danilo Pizza

An example of processing order for a pizza business

Pledge Distribution

This application uses three synchronized numeric up down controls to calculate the percentage of money allocated to each of three institutions.

CD Publisher

This application calculates the price of an order based on the quantity ordered.

Body Tag Formatter

An application used to create the HTML's body tag with its color attributes

Color Changer

This example uses three track bars. When the user slides one of the track bars, the panel display an RGB color that is a combination of the value of each track bar.

Progressive Clock

A technique of displaying the current time using progress bars

Calculating Tax amount

An example of calculating the tax applied on a sold item

Tick Counter

This example allows you to know how long your computer or your application has been on.


This application calculates overtime from an employee's time sheet in a payroll simulation

Keep in mind that you can transition (very) easily from Visual Basic 6 to Visual Basic .NET and there are various advantages. Financially, you don't have to spend one cent to acquire Visual Basic .NET. If your computer is running MS Windows XP (or Windows Server 2003), you already have everything you need: a compiler and a code/text editor. In all cases, first you must check or download the .NET Framework from the Microsoft web site. With the free Basic compiler that you can download free from the Microsoft web site, you can first learn the VBasic language (we recommend that you learn the language first, it has been highly expanded from the traditional Basic/Visual Basic 6) that we support here. Once you know the language, you can create very powerful applications, any type of application (Windows, web, graphics, databases, client/server stuff, anything) without spending money. The free compiler allows you to work from  the command prompt but if you want to reduce typing, you can download the free #develop environment that allows you to create powerful Visual Basic .NET applications using the .NET Framework.
Visual Basic 6 Controls  
Scroll Bars UpDown Progress Bars
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