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This site is dedicated to Borland C++ Builder, the Visual Component Library, and those of us who have come to love it, even to think that it is the best thing since the Sneakers bar. Here, we provide lessons, guides, and links on how to take advantage of this finely defined programming environment.

Good news folks, C++ Builder 2007 has been released.




GDI Shapes

GDI Accessories

Introduction to Windows Controls Introduction Colors
Parent Controls Lines Fonts
Common Characteristics of Controls Polylines Pens
Controls Messages and Events Polygons Brushes
ShowMessage Rectangles Icons
MessageBox Circle-Based Shapes Cursors
Curve Shapes Bitmaps
Drawing Text

VCL Topics

File Processing



C File Processing Intro to Drawing Creating an Executable
C++ File Streaming Using Brush Styles Windows Fundamentals
VCL File Streaming TPen and HPEN Dynamic Forms
VCL File Buffering The Rectangle Function Dynamic Array of Objects
Win32 File Processing Rubber Banding Form Maximization
Restoring a Drawing Board Initialization Files
Coordinate Systems Socket
Transformations Storing Values in the Registry
Create a Font
Custom Font List
Use Font Styles
GDI Examples
FunctionX Press
Mirror Site Downloads


I have written an electronic book on Borland C++ Builder programming.

I also wrote a book on C++ For Borland C++ Builder

Articles on compiling a program using the Borland C++ 5.5 free compiler:

Installing the Borland C++ compiler

From Borland

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Borland's Free Compilers
Borland provides a series of compilers and programming environments to the public. Continue...
VCL How-To Create
Floating Windows
Color Decoding
Show Status Bar Hints
Tree Explorer
Rich Edit 2.0
Wizard Pages
Combo Box With Bitmaps
Combo Box in a String Grid
Dynamic Forms
System Menu
General Links
The VCL Tree

Windows Controls in the VCL

Bevel Browse For Folder Button Check Box Color Dialog Box Combo Box Data Module DB Radio Group
Dialog Box Edit Font Dialog Form Frame Image List IP Address Label
Labeled Edit Month Calendar Page Control Print Setup Radio Button List View Save Dialog
Memo Panel Scroll Bars Progress Bar Splitter Bar Radio Group Rich Edit Mask Edit
Tree View Open Dialog Static Text String Grid Timer
UpDown Print Dialog Select Directory Date Time Picker Value List Editor

Borland C++ Builder Mathematics and Related-Functions

General Measure Business Arithmetic Finance Statistics
Introduction Introduction Introduction Absolute Value Introduction Minimum Integer of a Series
Conversion: String to Integer  PI DDB Ceiling Future Value Minimum of a Series
Conversion: Integer to String Cycle To Radian SLN Depreciation Floor Periods Maximum Integer of a Series
Conversion: String to Double Degrees to Radian SYD Exponent Payment Maximum of a Series
Number Formatting Radian to Cycle Trigonometry Power Period Payment Mean of a Series
Radian to Degrees Cosine Exponential Present Value Sum of Values
Sine logarithm Interest Payment Sum of Integers
Tangents Mantissa Interest Rate Sum of Squares
Square Root Internal Rate of Return Sums and Squares
Net Present Value


This section gives examples of using various Windows control with each application illustrating one particular control.
This fundamental application illustrates the use of radio buttons to perform simple arithmetic operations such as the addition, the subtraction, the multiplication and the division.
CD Publisher
This application explores the CSpinButton sample control that ships with Borland C++ Builder.
Net Price Calculation
This is like an Edit 101. It simply shows examples of converting the values of edit controls to decimal values before involving them in an operation.
Slide Show
This a timer example that is used to change the pictures on a form.
Custom Fonts List 
This is an example of displaying the list of system fonts in a dialog box or a list box. The name of each font is drawn using itself. 
Tick Counter
This application allows you to know how long the computer has been on. It also shows how long its application has been on.
Color Changer
This application is used to demonstrate the use of track bars. Its uses three track bars, each for a color: red, green, and blue. When the user slides one of the controls, a color is created as a combination of the values of the track bars and that color is used to paint a panel.
Flashing Bitmap
This example is used to demonstrate, or take advantage of, the transparent property of the TBitmap control.
Time Sheet
This application demonstrates the use of the Time Picker control.
This section is made of applications that each uses various controls.
College Park Auto-Shop
This is a sample Paradox-based database used to process customers orders for a car repair business.
Column Chart
This is a GDI example uses a few LabeledEdit control. It retrieves the regular numeric values of the controls and uses them to draw some rectangles for a column chart.
Geometric Figures
This example uses page controls and illustrates the use of edit controls to retrieve their values and perform the necessary calculations
Watts A Loan
This database application is an example of using the DBRadioGroup control.
Fast Food
This application is used to illustrate different ways of using or implement the check box controls, including its properties, methods, and events.
Body Monitor
This application implements the progress bar control. It simulates a machine used to monitor a body that is being examined or monitored. One of the aspects of this application is to illustrate different ways of formatting a string displayed by a label control.
Pledge Distribution
This application uses three updown object and a few edit controls. It simulates requesting pledges for three institutions and calculating the distribution of money among them
Body Tag Formatter
This application combines various controls to create code for the body tag of HTML. It also includes a button the user can click to copy the tag format. 
Color Formatting
This is another example used to change the color of a panel. This one uses three scroll bars to create the necessary color.
Color Selector
This application shows an example of letting the user select a color in a graphical application.
Traffic Light
This application combines a timer, a panel and especially the Shape control. It simulates a traffic light.
Login (FILE file)
This shows an example of creating a login dialog box, the users credentials are stored in a file created using the C's FILE structure
Login (Hash List)
This is another login dialog box example. This time, the list of credentials is managed using the THashedStringList class.

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