Delphi Application Programming
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Delphi Application Programming
Delphi Programming

Delphi is a computer programming environment originally created by Borland but currently under the direction of Embarcadero. Delphi is used to perform rapid application programming based on the (Object) Pascal language. In reality, Delphi comes in various flavors.

Delphi for Win32 is used to create applications for the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems following the Win32 library.

This web site provides lessons, tutorials, and topics about using Embarcadero Delphi 2010.




IDE Objects


File Processing

File Processing




Dialog Boxes

Built-In Dialog Boxes



File Processing

Sample Applications

Algebra Compund Interest


Elementary Addition Four-Corner Supermarket Oblique Triangles
Payroll Evaluation Picture Viewer Salary Estimation
Sphere Calculation Simple Interest Trignonometric Calculations

Lessons Resources
Lessons Samples

Image Editor

Windows Controls


Bitmap Buttons Button
Button Group Buttoned Edit Category Buttons
  Check Box Combo Box
Command Link Drive Combo Box Directory List Box
Edit File List Box Filter Combo Box
Frame Group Box IP Address
Image Image List Label
Labeled Edit Masked Edit Paint Box
Panel Radio Button Radio Group
Speed Button Split Button Splitter
Static Text Tab Control Touch Keyboard

Common Dialog Boxes

Introduction to Microsoft Windows Common Dialog Boxes




TClipboard TGraphicControl TPicture

Applications/Controls Accessories





Message Boxes


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