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This web site features the language used to create applications for the Microsoft Visual Basic .NET programming environment. Since there is no official or faithful name for this language, on this site and in our lessons, we will refer to it as VBasic. 


All of the programs created in our lessons are console based. This means that, to learn the language as such, and not confused with the Visual Basic .NET programming environment, we create only applications that display in the DOS window.

Lessons Summary

Introduction to VBasic
Variables and Data Types
Techniques of Using Variables
VBasic Operators
Data Reading and Formatting
Conditional Statements
Counting and Looping
Introduction to Procedures
Exploring Procedures
Introduction to Classes
Class Construction and Destruction
The Properties of a Class
Error Handling
Built-In Procedures
Introduction to Arrays

Arrays and Collections

Lists Fundamentals


Introduction to Arrays
Arrays and Procedures
Introduction to Collections
The Collection Class
The ArrayList Class
Intro to Data Sets
Data Relationships


Introduction to XML
Creating an XML File
Well-Formed XML
Using an XML File
Introduction to Elements
Operations on Elements
Introduction to Attributes
The Attributes of an Element
Characteristics of XML Nodes



Creating a Database
A Connection to a Database
The Tables of a Database
The Columns of a Table
The Records of a Table
Lessons Setup
Introduction to ADO.NET
The Structure of a Table
Data Entry


The Main Procedure


An Array-Based List

Windows Controls

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