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Microsoft SQL Server is a product used to create computer databases on a Microsoft Windows operating system. The databases created can be used on stand-alone computers, client/server scenarios, or web-based applications. Microsoft SQL Server uses Transact-SQL as its base language.
This web site provides lessons, topics, and links on how to use Microsoft SQL Server. At this time, we use SQL Server 2000 for the instructions in our lessons.

Introduction to SQL Server
Introduction to SQL Code
Database Creation
The Tables of a Database
The Columns of a Table
Data Entry
Operators and Operands
Introduction to Queries
Data Analysis and Queries
Relationships and Data Integrity
Data Joins
Variables and Data Types
Introduction to Functions
Built-In Functions
Stored Procedures


Yugo National Bank

This is an attempt to create a semi-complete SQL Server for a bank. The code includes the creation of the database and the necessary tables.

Visual Data Analysis

Using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, we review the techniques you can use to provide the same features of Microsoft Access data analysis you can give to your users, such as the context menu that appears when right-clicking a form.

The .NET Framework's Data Reader

The .NET Framework features a useful concept referred to as the Data Reader. It is a class you can use to read the values of a record of a table. We explore it here in connection to a database.

.NET Framework's DataGrid Binding
The DataGrid control of the .NET Framework provides an easy means of displaying data from a table or a view of a SQL Server database to the control through a DataSet object. This is a review of how this can be done.
Creating a Database
Creating a Table With Data Entry 1
Creating a Table With Data Entry 2
A Simple Procedure

This is a simple stored procedure that creates email addresses for employees by just appending the first letter of the first name to the last name, all in lowercase

A Simple Procedure With Argument

This is a simple stored procedure that updates all records of a table. This procedure uses an argument as a value of a raise that would be applied to all employees of a company

Setting a New Minimum Salary

This procedure is used to specify a new minimum salary for employees. It examines all records and changes only the salary of those that are below a new value. This new value is passed as argument to the procedure

Data Navigation

Data Entry With Forms


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