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A web-based application is a computer program that uses internet technology to implement a graphical user interface. Web sites are primarily created in HTML. To enhance their functionality, they may use a scripting language such as JavaScript, PHP, or Perl, etc.

ASP.NET is a set of technologies and tools created by Microsoft to make it as practical as possible, as useful as possible, and as easy as possible, to develop web-based projects of any kind.

This web site explores the techniques of using ASP.NET to create and web-based applications.


Visual Basic Language
01: Introduction to ASP.NET
02: Introduction to Values in a Webpage
03: Operators and Operands
04: Introduction to Scripts
05: Intro to Procedures and Functions
06: The Parameters of a Procedure
07: Introduction to Classes
08: The Methods of a Class
09: Introduction to Web Forms
10: Introduction to ASP.NET Web Controls
11: Introduction to Conditions
12: Introduction to Conditional Statements
13: Libraries and Namespaces
14: Intro to Built-In Functions and Classes
15: The Properties of a Class
16: Characteristic/Properties of Controls
17: Strings
18: Structures
19: Date and Time Values
20: Introduction to Collections
21: Boolean Conjunctions/Disjunctions
22: Conditional Selections
23: Counting and Looping
24: Inheritance
25: Class Abstraction and Shadowing
26: Interfaces
27: Exception Handling
28: Generics
29: Delegates
30: Arrays
31: File Processing
32: Introduction to XML
33: Introduction to XML Elements
34: Accessing and Locating XML Elements
35: Operations on XML Elements
36: The Attributes of an XML Element
37: Characteristics of an XML Document
38: XPath


Procedures and Functions

Web Site Fundamentals

Visual Basic Fundamentals


Functions and Procedures



Classes Fundamentals

Topics on Classes

Inheritance and Abstraction

Built-In Classes

  Web Forms Site


Web-Databases With Microsoft Access

Web-Batabases With Microsoft Access    

Web-Databases With Microsoft SQL Server

Web-Databases With Microsoft SQL Server  

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Error and Exception Handling


Conditional Statements

Conditional Statements


Transferring Values From One (Form of a) Web Page to Another (Form of a Web Page)





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