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A computer network is a system in which computers are connected to share information and resources. The connection can be done as peer-to-peer or client/server. This web site reviews the techniques you can use to set up and possibly manage a network for home or a small business.

Introduction to Computer Networking Introduction to Client/Server Network Setup
Network Hardware Introduction to Client/Server Configuration
Introduction to Peer-To-Peer Networking Installing a DHCP Server
Peer-To-Peer Network Setup Creating an Intranet  in Wnd Srv 2008 R2
Creating an Intranet in a PtP Network    
Windows Small Business Server 2008 Installation
Managing Users Accounts: Creating a User Account
Managing Users Accounts: Adding a User Account to a Group
Creating an Intranet Web Site
Application Authentication: C# File Processing Version
Creating a Client/Server Application (Flat File-Based Application)

Microsoft SQL Server

Introduction to Client/Server Applications  
Microsoft Access Project  

Microsoft Access

Creating and Sharing a Microsoft Access Databases
Example Application: College Park Auto Repair
Time Sheet  
Application Authentication (C# Code)  
Mirror Site
Version Française
Active Directory


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