.NET Graphics

Windows Forms Programming

01 - Introduction to Applications Graphics

Foundations of Visual Graphical Applications

Introductory concepts of device contexts, the Graphics class, and the process of drawing.

02 - Introduction to Geometric Accessories

Point, Vectors, Sizes, and Rectangles.

Introduction to objects that delimit or contain geometrical objects and their chracteristics.

03 - Introduction to Drawing Accessories

Colors, Pens, Brushes, and Fonts

An introduction to objects that will be used to draw various types of geometric objects.

04 - Introduction to Graphics Accessories

Icons and Cursors

Introduction to visual objects used by various Windows controls and applications.

05 - Introduction to Drawing

Lines, Polygons, Rectangles, and Squares.

Introduction to basic geometric objects that will be used for the details of other objects.

06 - Introduction to Shapes

Ellipses, Circles, Arcs, Pies

Introduction to drawing round and circular shapes, based on (or from) ellipses and fitting ellipses.

07 - Introduction to Curves

Curves, Closed Curves, and Bézier Curves

These are techniques to draw round open and round closed shapes.

08 - Introductory to Graphics Paths

Lines, Rectangles, Arcs, and Pies.

An object or a series of objects can be drawn by following pre-determined points.

09 - Curves on Graphics Paths

Curves, B├ęzier Curves, and Closed Curves

These are techniques for adding geometric shapes to a path.

15 - Operations on Bitmaps

List and Combo Boxes, Image Lists, List and Tree Views

An application uses various types of controls. One category of controls uses lists or collections.

14 - Introduction to Printing



14 - Setting Up and Previewing Printing




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