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With the release of Microsoft Visual C++ 2005, the company added a new variant of the C++ language named C++/CLI. While C++/CLI is a complete computer language on its own, Visual C++/CLI applies it to the creation of various types of applications (GUI, XML, databases, communications, etc).

This web site provides lessons and other topics to assist you in using the C++/CLI language to create graphical applications.

Windows Controls

Browse Dialog Box Button Check Boxes Checked List Box
Color Dialog Box Combo Box Context Menu Data Grid View
Domain Up-Down Font Dialog Box Group Box Image List
Label Link Label List Box List View
Masked Text Box Menu Strip Numeric Up-Down Open Dialog Box
Panel Picture Box Rich Text Box Radio Buttons
Save Dialog Box Scroll Bars Tab Control Text Box
  Track Bars Tree View  



1::Introduction to Microsoft Visual C++/CLI Application Design
2::Introduction to Windows Programming Introduction to Forms
3::Introduction to Windows Controls Exception Handling
4::Characteristics of Windows Controls Events
5::Details on Controls Properties Delegates
6: Methods and Events of Controls  
7::The Forms of an Application Custom Libraries
8::Introduction to Controls Containers  


Applications Accessories

The Main Menu SDI & MDI Applications Toolbars
Contextual Menus Application Online Help Status Bars
Characteristics of Menus Printing  

File Processing


Accessories for File Processing   Introduction
Introduction to File Processing   Copying
Files Operations   Scaling
Drives   Mirroring
Directories   Flipping
Serialization   Rotating


Objects Shapes Curves Brushes
Introduction Line Introduction Introduction
Icons Lines Pie Solid Brushes
Cursors Rectangle Arc Hatch Brushes
Color Rectangles Bézier Texture Brushes
Drawing Strings Ellipse Béziers Gradient Brushes
  Polygon Closed Curve




Introduction Introduction Introduction to Arrays and Lists
Serialization Built-In Collection Classes Overview of Collections
File-Based Databases Dictionary-Based Collections
  Linked Lists  


ADO.NET Topics


Introduction to ADO Simple Control Binding Introduction to XML
Database Creation Combo Box Binding Introduction to XML Elements
ADO Fundamentals Locating a Record Operations on XML Elements
Database Creation Using a Parameterized Query
Database Tables
Tables' Columns
Database Records
Data Entry Assistance
Introduction to Recordsets
Introduction to SQL
Record Maintenance
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Windows Controls



Windows Controls

File Processing


Elementary Addition
This exercise applies the characteristics of a label to assist you with performing elementary addition.
Picture Viewer
This application explorer some image manipulation techniques provided by the Image and the Bitmap classes of the .NET Framework.
Percentage Calculation

This application shows different ways to convert a decimal to a percentage value. Another part of the exercise shows how to convert a percentage value to a decimal.

Factorials, Permutations, Combinations

This application shows how to calculate the factorial, the permutations, and the combinations.

Simple Interest

This application shows how to calculate the interest paid on a loan and the total value that will paid at the end of the loan.

Color Selector

This application shows how to ger the color of a pixel on a control using the pixel's (x, y) coordinate.

Loan Preparation
This is an example of saving values to a file stream and retrieving them when needed.
Solas Property Rental
This is an example of serializing an array or items. This example uses binary serialization.
Body Tag Formatter
Car Inventory
Arithmetic Calculations
CD Publisher
Color Changer
Compound Interest
Weekly Sales
This is an example of a vertical rectangular chart. To draw the rectangles, we use simple solid brushes.
Yearly Sales
This is an example of a vertical rectangular chart. To draw the rectangles, we use hatch brushes.
School Enrolment
This is an example of drawing a pie chart in GDI+.
Color Selector
This article reviews the process of retrieving the color of a pixel on a picture.
Column Chart
This is an example of creating a column chart by drawing vertical rectangles that represent the values.



This is an introduction to an approach of creating a multiple-choice question application
Time Sheet
Bethesda Car Rental


Data-Based Applications

Application File Processing XML ADO.NET
Altair Realtors Linked Lists    
Watts A Loan      
Yugo National Bank      
Bethesda Car Rental Dictionary-Based Collections    
Solas Property Rental   XML File Processing  
College Park Auto Parts Built-In Collections Classes    
College Park Auto Repair      
Musical Instrument Store Collections    
Tri-State Utility Company      
Georgetown Dry Cleaning Services With Printing    

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